October 2, 2015 // 8:37 AM

City Social - A Spectacular Event!

Written by Scott Miller

What a unique experience! Suite and Tie. My wife in a vivid red dress and jacket. Surrounded by the light, enchanting music of a private performance. Seated on stage at the Ware Center across from Cheryl between two other delightful couples. Charming conversations around common interests, careers and the vibrancy of Lancaster City. A magnificent dinner alive with flavors, exceptional combinations and visual appeal.

I had heard about "City Social" at the Ware Center, seen the advertisements, and received the e-mails. It looked like it might be fun: a champagne reception followed by dinner on stage while serenaded by emerging musical talent. The advertisements were appealing and yet, it's not the sort of event that my wife and I typically sign up for. When you go to an event and don't really know the others it can be more work than fun. You often have to force conversation and small talk leads to awkward silence. It can be hard work cultivating new relationships.

What I often forget is that the people who participate in unique Lancaster City events are usually pretty outgoing. If I can't keep the conversation going, they typically can. The guests on either side of us were easy conversationalists. It was fascinating to be both engaged and observe the interactions. While Cheryl and I were holding conversations with both of the couples on either side of us, they were holding conversations with not only Cheryl and I but the couples on the other side of them. They in turn were doing the same. Conversation flowed naturally, without the burden of deliberate effort.

Of course, when Deb Brandt of Fig and Susan Eberly of Alegre Concierge Services team up to put on an event you can count on the fact that the event will not only be spectacular, but the guests will be movers and shakers; people who are not only very comfortable with who they are but outgoing and easy to talk to.

The next time you see a City Social event notice my recommendation would be to sign up early. You will be glad you did. It was a wonderful, relaxed and enjoyable evening.

Thank you so much to Deb Brandt, Susan Eberly, and Millersville University. The performers were Millersville Students and we were hosted at The Ware Center. Thank you to The Federal Tap house for serving the event and their Chef Russell Skiles who prepared a fabulous dinner. Plus a special thank you to the supporting sponsors: Capital Wine & Spirits, Forte Florals, and Special Occasions Queen Street Linens. Together you put on a magnificent event! Typical Lancaster City – simply amazing!

Chief Marketing Officer