September 30, 2015 // 6:00 PM

Endeavor: Highlighting the Happenings at Garden Spot Village in October

Written by Scott Miller


Hello and Welcome to Endeavour - Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village.

A cool story . . . not long ago Anita found herself in skilled nursing on hospice care. She rebounded and hospice left. There’s a blog on our website entitled “Defying the Odds” which tells her broader story if you want to check it out. Anyway, she’s a woodcarver. She loves to carve birds. When she went on hospice she gave away all her carving and power tools. With a new lease on life she set her sights back on her passion – carving birds. It’s what gives her life meaning. This is one of those things that makes Garden Spot Village so different. We set up a workbench in her room in skilled nursing so she can carve. Her friends in the woodshop help her rough cut the wood. She takes it back to skilled nursing where she hand carves her birds. The wood chips just drop on the carpet and we clean them up. Our theory is if she lived in a house, on her own, she’d be carving birds . . . why shouldn’t she be able to do it in skilled? Maple Farm skilled nursing, our property in Akron, is the same way. We go out of our way to help people do the things that provide them with a sense of meaning and purpose no matter what life throws at um. It’s really pretty cool.

While we offer the absolute best in healthcare only a small portion of the people who live here need those services. 82% of the people live in a house or an apartment and more want to move in all the time.

Two months ago, a woman, I’ll call her Susan, dropped off an application. She told me she always wanted to live at Garden Spot Village but her husband, who went on to heaven several years ago always used to tell her: we’ll never live there it’s way too expensive you might as well forget it. She said many of her friends told her the same thing. Then she got to talking to another friend who lives here and her friend told her: you never know unless you submit an application. She handed me the application and asked me to look at it. When I glanced at her assets and income I suspected she would be approved but I never say that until after the analysis has been done. She wanted a 1 bedroom with den apartment and sure enough 2 days later I called her to give her the good news. She had been approved. When I got her on the phone she just kept saying, you made my day, you made my day, you made my day! We always say, if you’re interested put in an application. Like Susan you may be pleasantly surprised.

You won’t want to miss the Fall Festival and Country Auction on October the 10th. The festivities kick off with a pancake breakfast at 7:00 a.m. There will be free hot air balloon rides, food galore, an apple pie contest, activities for kids and of course the auction under a massive heated tent where you’ll find woodwork by master craftsmen and some very cool quilts. Bring family and friends it’s an amazing day! The more the merrier.

I love my job!

We just posted the October issue of The Garden Variety where you can discover all that’s going on this month. You can find it on the events page on our website.

This has been Endeavor – Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village.

I’m Scott Miller and I hope to see you around campus.

As I always say . . . Life is Good!

Chief Marketing Officer