May 1, 2015 // 3:21 PM

Endeavor: Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village in May

Written by Scott Miller


Hello, I’m Scott Miller the Chief Marketing Officer at Garden Spot Village. Welcome to Endevor - Highlighing the Happenings of Garden Spot Village.

April has been a busy month. We had several thousand people here for our 7th annual Garden Spot Village marathon and half marathon. As always the feedback has been outstanding. People came from 27 different states, Canada, France, Brazil and South Africa this year. The Kids Marathon was also just an amazing event. The kids had a blast. So did the parents and all the volunteers and spectators. It was just a lot of fun! A big thanks to the hundreds of volunteers we had this year, it is such a blessing to have the support from the local community.

While we’re talking about sports if you’re a leisure cyclist the Pedal to Preserve bicycle ride is coming up on Saturday June 6. It leaves and returns to our campus. You can choose a 6, 20 or 51 miles ride. I’m riding this year as well others from the Garden Spot Village team. It’s a delightful event for novices, experienced riders and families. There is a link to Pedal to Preserve on the home page of our website.

Eighty local businesses exhibited at our business expo in April. From cars to popcorn there were a wide variety of local merchants. You need to be on our Future Resident or live here to participate so keep that in mind for next year.

We were also a stop on the Best Kept Secret shopping tour. Between eight and nine hundred people, many of whom have never been here before stopped in to shop at Share & Care, grab lunch at The Harvest or a cup of Starbucks Coffee at our Refresh coffee bar.

One of the cool things about Refresh is that later in the day after school there’s often a bunch of high-school kids hanging out, sipping a Starbucks. The Village Square just outside my office is constantly abuzz with activity.

Garden Spot Village is an active inviting community and you are more than welcome to stop by at any time. People from all walks of life in the local area get involved in many different ways. Many of our events and activities are open to the public, so we highly encourage you to visit! Some interesting thing coming up in include:

  • The Amish Educational Series. People find these sessions particularly informative as they portray the local culture.
  • If you’ve always wanted to paint but feel like you don’t have an artistic bone in your body you’ll love paint night. The first event included people from the local community, team members and residents. Saying you’ll be an expert in an hour might be stretching the truth but I’ve seen some amazing work by people who never picked up a brush before in their life.

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities there are a whole host of things you do that are very engaging. If you’ve ever volunteered you know it makes you feel great. People tell me they simply have a better day when they volunteer.

Those are just a few of the many things going on and you can discover more by checking out the latest issue of The Garden Variety. We just posted it and you can find it on the Events Page of our website, or by clicking here.

This has been Endeavor – Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village.

I’m Scott Miller and I hope to see you around campus.

As I always say . . . Life is Good!

Chief Marketing Officer