March 20, 2015 // 8:10 AM

Garden Spot Village cares about what makes you happy!

Written by Scott Miller

Garden Spot Village reviews a fair number of proposals for sponsorships each year. Even though we’re a non-profit, it doesn't mean those of us on the leadership team aren't looking for ways to contribute to the greater community and sponsor worthwhile causes that align with our mission: to enrich the lives of older adults as an expression of Christ’s love. Neither does it mean that the people who call Garden Spot Village home don’t care about the greater community. Just the opposite, the people here are looking for opportunities to engage. Residents and future residents, those who are in the process of moving here, contribute over 50,000 hours of volunteerism each year just on our campus, and that volunteerism spills out to other groups, organizations and individuals in great measure. A thousand service minded people can do a lot of good in the community. The thing is, service minded people, those who focus on helping others, tend to be very happy people.

When you’re emphatically focused on enriching lives it not only makes people happy, it tends to attract happy people. Does that mean we always get everything right? Of course not, but we try – hard. I think because of that, in addition to generally positive attitudes, happy people tend to come with a fair degree of grace and understanding. It’s one of the things that makes Garden Spot Village so unique. It’s like a really friendly small town where people are free to live their own lives, but at the same time they embrace life and engage others.

Garden Spot Village Reviews from LancHappy

All that said, I got a visit from Deb Brandt, the editor of Fig magazine who invited us to sponsor the Fig LancHappy project. As I mentioned Garden Spot Village reviews a fair number of proposals but those we support align with our mission. Deb’s comment was . . . “this initiative is so Garden Spot Village,” and I must say we whole heartedly agreed so we signed up to sponsor LancHappy.

Enriching lives, making people happy, helping them contribute, enabling them to live with purpose and opportunity - that’s Garden Spot Village. Come for the lifestyle and stay for the friends. Here’s a short video, we hope it gives you a dose of happy and makes you smile!

And of course, we would love to hear what makes YOU happy, and what you enjoy about Garden Spot Village. We always welcome feedback, and it is an important step in how we operate. We have several online outlets that we regularly check for reviews, including Facebook,,,, and Google Reviews.

Scott Miller
Chief Marketing Officer, Garden Spot Village

Chief Marketing Officer