February 13, 2014 // 1:29 PM

Garden Spot Village Weathers the Storm

Written by Scott Miller

"Snowmageddon" Hits Garden Spot Village

My office looks out over the Village Square parking lot and the walk way into the main entrance. There has probably been close to a foot of snow this morning and the Campus Services Crew has been diligently clearing the walks and the parking lots all morning. One of the cool things about this place is that you get to enjoy the snow because someone else takes care of it . . . drive ways, walks, it even gets cleaned off your car if you park outside. Is that great or what?

I couple of years ago I got a snow blower. It cost just under $1,000 but it was so worth it. I’m six years away from 62 which is the minimum age at Garden Spot Village, however, a spouse can be as young as 55. If my wife was 62, I’d qualify! If you live in a snow zone, haven’t yet reached the qualification age for Garden Spot Village and don’t own a snow blower, you should do yourself a favor and go get one. They are amazing contraptions. Mine has an electric start. I just plug it in, push a button, engage the clutch and walk behind it. It takes me 2 hours to clear my driveway by hand. It takes ½ hour with the snow blower.

The only thing that I can think of that would be better would be living at Garden Spot Village because then I wouldn’t have to even use the snow blower. The snow would be taken care of for me! If I retired to a condo or a 55+ community the snow would still be on me, but here it’s just part of the service. Many of the people who live here travel, winter in Florida or are off visiting family and they know there is nothing to worry about. Everything at home is taken care of! While the rest of Lancaster County is shut down, life just goes on around Garden Spot Village. The pool and wellness center is open. The store is open. All the dining venues, The Creamery, The Café, The Coup . . . all business as usual.

About 82% of the people that live here live in residential living, but for some Garden Spot Village at home care makes their life easier. Many care givers stayed overnight last night in anticipation of the snow storm so they would be available today to serve their patrons. Later today I’ll be picking up employees for the 3 to 11 shift. If team members are hesitant to drive in the snow there is a group of us that is happy to go and pick them up. Today we’ll go get more than a dozen employees and bring them to work.

But it isn’t just the care givers that go out of their way to make sure things get done. I stopped in The Creamery for breakfast this morning (dippy eggs, bacon, toast & coffee!!) and the cooks had stayed overnight so they’d be here first thing to open up shop!

Even though I love my snow blower, I look forward to the day when I can trade it in for the Garden Spot Village lifestyle!

- Scott Miller

Chief Marketing Officer