June 23, 2015 // 8:11 AM

Grands and Kids Camp

Written by Scott Miller

I just wrote the script for Endeavor, our monthly video which reviews what's happening at Garden Spot Village in the coming month. It's designed to be enticing so that people visit our website and discover "all" the stuff that's going on. And there is a ton of it! Right now, as I write this, a bunch of kids are engaged and involved with their grandparents. Have you ever tried to entertain your grand kids for an entire week? Just figuring out what to do can be exhausting, but here it's all pre-planned and pre-arranged.

Grands and Kids Camp Team

Grands & Kids Camp started with registration Monday morning, and there are activities planned through Friday afternoon. The idea is to provide opportunities for grandparents to spend time with their grand kids. Activities include things like an art workshop, a building project in the wood shop, a Barnstormers baseball game, a wagon ride, a hands-on community service project, a tour of Lanchester Landfill (this year's theme is recycling), tubing down the Pequea Creek, and a Movie & Marshmallow night plus more. The events are intended to be entertaining, engaging, and educational. It takes the "work" out of the week for the Grandparents so they can simply spend time with their grand kids providing the opportunity for good quality time and to share life experiences.

Grands and Kids Camp Activity

It all started in 2008 when the leadership team, about 20 of us, got together at the Hershey Hotel for an Open Space Meeting. Out of that meeting came the idea for an intergenerational team focused on looking for ways to integrate a strong intergenerational element to the Garden Spot Village culture. Grands & Kids Camp originated with the Intergenerational Team. We won a state wide award for the program in 2009 and since then other communities have picked up on the idea and created grand kid's camps of their own. It's another example of how Garden Spot Village stays ahead of the curve; we've been working on intergenerational infusion for a long time.

Grands and Kids Camp Movie Night

All this speaks to culture. We work towards a sustainable, youthful, engaged culture. Visit and you'll "feel" it. People say, "there's something different about Garden Spot Village." It's our culture and it's important. Every community has a culture and it's either intentional or it happens by default. We want to be sure that the Garden Spot Village culture provides people with opportunity and purpose. Whether it's Grands & Kids Camp, a new community like Sycamore Springs, which will be unlike anything in the area, or a missions trip to Honduras, people discover Garden Spot Village offers more than they can imagine and — that's a good thing.

Chief Marketing Officer