August 2, 2013 // 1:37 PM

GSV Missions in Honduras

Written by Scott Miller

On Tuesday July 23rd a group of residents, future residents, staff and friends of Garden Spot Village took off for Camp Converge in the mountains just outside Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Their mission was to begin construction of a missionary and guest house at the camp. Here are comments and a review of their progress in their final report as they prepare to return home.


Final Report from Paul Hutton

A light mountain rain fell during the night, but today’s weather was the most perfect of the entire time!

Some of the team hauled rocks and made a path up to the cabin. Two others analyzed the electrical system of the entire camp, located deficiencies and power limitations and determined what upgrades are needed.

They then wrote a report which they went over with a local pastor on the Camp Committee, a jack of all trades who volunteers much of his free time at the camp.

The roof is finished and the siding is on the gables. There was sufficient wood to complete the bathroom wall, but not the wall between the bedrooms.

The team basically met their goals. The cabin still needs windows, doors, and varnish, but materials to complete those tasks have yet to be purchased.

Blanca was an invaluable asset to the team of Hondurans and North Americans, translating and working wherever she was needed.

WELCOME HOME: Chaplain Chet Yoder, Marlin Martin, Fran Rapp, Gary Amey, Fred Newswanger, Jim McAbee and Paul Hutton. Thanks for everything you did as ambassadors from Garden Spot Village to advance the Kingdom of Christ at Campo Converge in Honduras!!

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