December 10, 2015 // 1:47 PM

Holiday Opportunities Change Lives

Written by Scott Miller

A 12 Hour Day with Impact

GARDEN SPOT VILLAGE – On December 3, 2015, Lynn Prugh was patiently reading a book waiting for the rest of the team to show up. “I know I’m a little early, but I was excited about getting started so I thought I’d come, sit, wait and read my book .”

Lynn, along with a group of others, was getting ready for a one-day Game On adventure. Nine people – five residents, one intern, a neighbor and two staff –were preparing to leave together in transportation arranged by Garden Spot. “One of the things I love about Garden Spot Village,” Lynn states, “is that it is so mission-minded.” To that end, all the volunteers had to do was sign-up, show up and go. Their destination: newly opened the Baltimore/Washington D.C. Operation Christmas Child Processing Center. “I’m excited to see how the overall process works,” said Lynn, as she was talking with other members of the group.

Operation Christmas Child is a well-known program. Each year, countless people fill shoeboxes with small gifts which are presented as Christmas presents to children around the world. The life changing stories that originate with a simple shoebox are astounding, and people like Lynn and the rest of the Garden Spot team love to be a part of those stories.

After a two hour drive, they arrived at the Processing Center where, for about the next 5 hours, they performed very important assignments inspecting boxes. They approved the appropriate items in each box and removed anything that may have been packed with the best intentions but didn’t meet the guidelines. At six o’clock they turned around and started back home, getting back to New Holland around 9:00 p.m. That’s a good 12 hour day filled with meaningful activities that truly make a difference in the lives of others.

The next day, when asked what the experience had meant to her, Lynn commented: “It was amazing to see the thought that people put into buying items for the boxes. People take their contributions very seriously. What I discovered, and what meant the most to me personally, is how much these gifts mean to the children that receive them. They had a wall with the pictures of the children and they encouraged us to pray for the boxes and the children who receive them. I wanted to pray for all of them! Our boxes will be going to Togo (Togolese Republic), Africa. Many of the children who receive a gift-wrapped shoebox have never received a gift of any sort. They are thrilled with just the box, let alone what’s inside. It really, really makes a difference in their life.”

The Game On initiative at Garden Spot Village is all about providing opportunities for residents like Lynn to touch the lives of people across the globe. To discover other initiatives visit Game On.

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