February 10, 2016 // 1:09 PM


Written by Trish Lauer

A phone rings.

“Thank you for calling Garden Spot Village...”

After a short conversation, the caller is transferred to the proper extension.

Transferring calls is just the tip of the iceberg of life at Resident Services. A busy central hub, it's where people go for answers, documents, and all sorts of assistance. At any given moment, there can be three people at the desk – one needing to sign up for one of GSV's many trips, one needing to make a guest room reservation, and one needing copies made – while the phone rings. During that call, the phone will ring again. One by one, and sometimes two by two, each person is tended to and given the help they need. It's a juggling act, for sure, but a social one.

Residents don't just stop by when they need something; often they'll come over just to say hello and offer a smile (and sometimes to sneak a treat from the candy bowl!) A quick visit allows for a brief break in what can sometimes best be described as chaos. It's these friendly pop-bys that are part of what creates the tapestry of Garden Spot Village. The most apt description for Garden Spot Village isn't “retirement community”, but “home”.

It's that sense of home that helps make Garden Spot Village what it is, and part of what people mean when they say there's something special here; something different they feel but can't quite put into words. It's the sense of community. The sense of home.