November 1, 2016 // 1:11 PM

“I Remember” with Alice Mauser

Written by Trish Lauer

For the past 20 years, Alice Mauser has lived at Gardens North. From Sadsburyville, she moved with her husband, Leroy, in November of 1996 and has been in her apartment ever since.

Unlike those who moved to cottages back then, seeing the growth of GSV in the form of the apartment wings beginning to go up, Alice was able to see the progress in the construction of those cottages. “When I moved in, all that was here was one building and three cottages,” Alice remembers. From her vantage point, Alice would see many more start to appear.

Being an early part of Garden Spot Village was a major reason Alice can recognize so much change, but it’s also allowed her to recognize what hasn’t. “The kindness and consideration of the sta  have stayed the same,” Alice comments. “Their willingness to help remains constant.” Another thing that has remained is Alice’s sense of volunteerism. Until 2005, Alice worked as a part of the Share & Care shop; now she dedicates her volunteer time to helping other residents where she can.

Interacting with residents was something Leroy loved most about life at GSV, as well as, being one of Alice’s fondest memories since moving here. “He was so happy when he wheeled around in his wheelchair and could talk to all the people.” The friendliness both she and Leroy experienced since moving to Garden Spot is something that has truly touched Alice’s heart, and has been a continuous thread throughout the years. While explaining her favorite parts of living here, she also gives an apt description of the specialness of GSV: “The feeling of ‘small town’, even with all of the growth.” The close-knit neighborhood of friends, whether there are only three cottages or a full community, is one of the main things that makes Garden Spot Village such a special place to be – just ask Alice!