October 10, 2016 // 1:28 PM

“I Remember” with Doris & Leonard Cummins

Written by Trish Lauer

Though they are natives of Chester County, Doris and Leonard Cummins spent a large part of their lives living all over the world. When reading of a new retirement community in New Holland, they decided to give it a visit. It turned out that the new community would be the right place for them to settle and on March 25, 1996, The Cummins moved to Garden Spot Village.

A cottage on Chestnut Drive would be Leonard and Doris’ home for the first 19 years of their lives at Garden Spot Village. “Our cottage was a perfect location for us to follow all the activities and new construction,” says Doris, who noted the building of Mountain View and the Skilled Nursing households as memorable additions to GSV. “It was amazing to be a part of it all.”

Being a part of everything extended past the view from their cottage, and eventually the two-bedroom apartment they would move into in December of 2015. Doris became involved with the gift shop, volunteering her time there since its inception. She also helped at the Welcome Center, competed as part of a shuffleboard team, played many games of cards, and was a member of both the craft club and the first cottage council. The woodshop would be where Len would gravitate to, making many wonderful pieces and equally as wonderful friendships.

A large aspect of life at GSV is not having to be beholden to the concerns that one has as a homeowner and the Cummins name that freedom as one of their favorite things about living here. “One of the best things about being at Garden Spot Village is not having any responsibilities and just having the opportunity to enjoy each day,” comments Doris. “Plus, the staff is outstanding – each and every member.”

Of all the memories Doris and Len have gathered over the last two decades, they list their time volunteering and joining groups, as well as the friendships they’ve formed from doing so, as some of their favorites. One fond memory Doris recalls? “Winning the prize for guessing the number of cement blocks in Skilled Nursing!” Overall, the thing that sticks with them the most is the support of not only their friends but the staff. “We so appreciate the caring staff and how they relieve our family of some responsibilities with such kindness.”