May 11, 2016 // 8:44 AM

“I Remember” with Ethel Danner

Written by Trish Lauer

Ethel and Charles Danner came to Garden Spot Village in the Spring of 1996. When they moved, it was to a one bedroom apartment with a den in Gardens North, where Ethel still lives. Though her residence remains the same, a lot has changed since she first arrived.

Like many who moved to Garden Spot when it was first being built, Ethel recalls how different everything looked. Since Gardens North was the first wing to be built, for a time that meant it was the only wing. This gave Ethel a front-row seat to all of the changes surrounding her. She watched as Gardens North welcomed Gardens West, South, and East, and was just a short stroll away from the Chapel in its former home on the third floor of the wing she called home.

As the campus began to grow and change, Ethel wasn’t quite so close to the action, but she still saw it all unfold. Activities kept rolling in – Ethel’s favorite kind being the ones involving crafts – and things like the Terrace Dining Room, the Village Square and its apartments, and the Resident Councils began to take shape. Still, for all of the changes that have happened over the years, some things will always remain the same. For Ethel, this means the relationships she has with all of the friends she has here at Garden Spot Village. “I enjoy gathering around the table with special friends. We call it the fun table!” says Ethel, who also notes visits with Pastor Yoder among her favorite memories of her time living at Garden Spot Village.

From the start, Ethel has been among the community here at Garden Spot. The Christian atmosphere, great friendships and fun times all mix to make a warm environment. One that Ethel, and many others, enjoy being able to call home.