April 11, 2016 // 11:39 AM

“I Remember” with John & Rhoda Weaver

Written by Trish Lauer

It was in the Fall of 1995 when John and Rhoda Weaver signed papers to move to Garden Spot Village. When it was time to begin construction of their cottage, the cold winter weather caused delays that set the timetable back. “The new owners of our house very graciously rented to us for about two months, until GSV was ready for us,” Rhoda recalls. As soon as they could, they moved into their new cottage, a home they would stay in for over 19 years. “We were the first people to move to Azalea Court,” says John, “there was no grass or shrubs… everything was mud!” Once settled in, The Weaver’s cottage would host many big parties with their friends and neighbors, and Christmas Eve dinners with their family that were filled with food, fun, and gifts.

On top of selling a home, John and Rhoda also put the gift shop they owned in New Holland on the market. As it would turn out, their experience running such a store would be helpful when GSV decided to open a gift shop of its own. Instead of the open space by the coffee shop we have now, the gift shop initially stood where the Apartment Suites welcome center currently is.

That isn’t the only difference in layout; the Garden Towers used to be home to the Chapel, the Beauty Shop was where the Parlor now is, and the Welcome Center was originally where the Post Office now stands. The woodshop was also located in what is now the Billiard Room. “We started out with just a small table saw donated by resident Charles Horst,” John, a member of the shop for nearly 20 years, remembers. “A drill press was added and that completed the shop. It was moved to Gardens West about two years later.” Before the advent of Channel 95, information traveled by word of mouth, but people still found their way to activities and each other. It was only going to be a matter of time before the community grew into what we know today.

In August of 2015, John and Rhoda moved to an apartment in Gardens East. “We moved to a delightful apartment and are surrounded by nice people,” says Rhoda. Many things may have changed since The Weavers first moved in, but the one thing they feel has remained the same? That Garden Spot Village is a happy place to live. “Garden Spot Village offers spiritual, emotional and financial advice. The staff is a great combination of friendly, fun and dignity,” Rhoda says, “this is a good place!”