May 5, 2014 // 11:47 AM

Meet Your Neighbors: EJ Rittersbach

Written by Scott Miller

EJ Rittersbach is up with the roosters. First thing in the morning, she boots up her laptop and dials into the server at Farm Journal Media, where she has worked for the circulation department since 1956.

A resident at Garden Spot Village since August 2008, Rittersbach started working at “The Farm” right out of high school. She started her career as a stenographer and worked her way up. She officially retired as vice president of circulation in 2001, but was soon called back to train new personnel in the department. When the company downsized, they asked her to stay on and help part time.

“I work from home. I may spend an hour a day or just 15 minutes, depending on what’s going on,” Rittersbach says. She may go have coffee with friends, then check in with the office again from time to time throughout the day.

A few times a month, she drives to Downingtown and takes the train to the company’s Philadelphia office. Those days are longer. Still, she has plenty of time left to volunteer in the Village Store, at Share & Care and the marketing desk, and to deliver mail to her wing once a week. She also likes to read, play golf and travel.

“I don’t have to worry about anything here,” says Rittersbach, who previously lived in a 55-plus community in West Chester. “When I leave this apartment, the mail doesn’t have to be picked up, the house is secure. Most times I’ll cook, but if I don’t want to make a meal, I’ll just go down to the café. It’s an easy way of life for me and helps me to keep working.”

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