July 11, 2014 // 10:19 AM

Meet Your Neighbors: Mary Ellen Bough

Written by Scott Miller

Mary Ellen Bough spent 44 years teaching math—and teaching aspiring teachers how to teach math—before she officially retired. She moved to Garden Spot Village in 2008 and before long found herself teaching again.

“In a sense, I never stopped,” says Bough, who holds a doctorate in math education. After she moved here, Millersville University hired her part-time to teach at the graduate level and to supervise student teachers. She is usually assigned to three or four students, each of whom she observes a half a dozen times per semester.

“You can set your own schedule. I wound up working a couple days a week, plus doing some paperwork at home,” she says. “I enjoy working with young people and keeping active. It’s refreshing to be out in the community.”

Before moving to Garden Spot, Bough spent 19 years in the education department at Philadelphia Biblical University; prior to that, she was the head of the high school math department at Delaware County Christian School for 17 years. She also spent eight years teaching elementary school. In those days, juggling work and household duties was a challenge.

“I’m single, so I also had the responsibility for the yard work. If something happened to the heater, I had to deal with that, too,” she says. “Now, I don’t have to worry about any of that.”

Although Bough has enjoyed working, she sees retirement on the horizon, as she is embarking on a new phase in her life. This spring (2011) she plans to marry for the first time. Her fiancé is the father of a girl she taught in the late 1980s—but she only got to know him after she moved to Garden Spot, where he is also a resident.

This article originally appeared in the 2011 Edition of our Destination Garden Spot Village Magazine.

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