October 19, 2014 // 10:16 PM

3 Things Visitors Always Say About Garden Spot Village

Written by Scott Miller

On Saturday, October 18, 2014 from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon Garden Spot Village participated in a Lancaster County, PA open house for 50 something’s and people in their post-career years. When we reviewed the numbers, we discovered about 125 people visited - many for the first time.

Many of these first-time visitors echoed three things that we often hear - but still manage to surprise me. I'm not sure why they do, but I'm  guessing it’s because our team is just trying to live by our mission (enrich the lives of “older” adults as an expression of Christ’s love) and do the right thing.

Those three things are:
     1. My friends told me you “HAVE” to visit Garden Spot Village it’s the best
     2. I’ve been to a bunch of “these places” and there’s something different about Garden Spot Village
     3. I never knew you were here

"You Have to Visit"

Consistently, our visitors spread the news and tell their friends to visit. Most of the time our visitors have a very unique and engaging experience. If you’d like to come visit Garden Spot Village and talk to a member of the marketing team, we'd love it if you made an appointment so we can prepare for you! We’ve given out over 7,000 information packets in the last several years, and sometimes it’s challenging to get a hold of a marketing team member if you drop in unexpectedly. In addition, our apartments have a consistent 97% occupation rate so we don’t have a variety of models to show off. Our residents truly love to have visitors come to their homes, but they prefer a day’s notice.  However, that being said, you are always welcome and we’ll do our best. If you’re in the area and decide to drop in - please do. A great way to check things out is with a Look & Learn. We also have a complimentary hospitality suite and you can stay overnight. People find that particularly rewarding, especially if they live out of the area.

"There’s Something Special"

Some describe us as different, others as special. I think that has to do with the type of people that are attracted to Garden Spot Village. The people who live here are engaged with the community, live life to its fullest and strive to contribute and make the world a better place. In the last several months two different couples where one person was in their late 50’s and the other early 60’s joined the community, plus several more in their early to mid 60’s. Baby Boomers are finding Garden Spot Village especially compelling - 22% of new residents are 50 and 60 somethings. Recently, we've also had many single guys move in - almost unheard of in our business -  because there’s so much for guys to get involved with. Some residents continue to work, others explore life-long ambitions. Last year the people of Garden Spot Village contributed over 54,000 hours of volunteerism on and off the campus and there were many additional hours that went unrecorded.

"I Didn’t Know You Were Here"

After a review of our marketing outreach, we decided not to do a lot of print advertising. You won’t find us in the “Senior Living” section of newspapers or magazines because even though we serve a 50 plus market we don’t think “senior” or “retirement” describes Garden Spot Village. Instead, you'll find us in Runner’s World Magazine where we advertise our annual Marathon, Half Marathon and Kids Marathon. Word of mouth has always been the predominant way people find us.

You’ll also find us online. Here’s something you might find interesting: google “Garden Spot Village” on google images and check out the photos. You might be surprised by what you discover. We also publish a high quality magazine twice a year entitled Destination: Garden Spot Village. For a complimentary subscription, just e-mail your name and address with “Destination” in the subject line to Kelly at [email protected] and she’ll send you the current issue right away. People give it great reviews.

It seems you’ve discovered Garden Spot Village online. If you weren’t one of the 125 people who came to this year’s open house we’d love for you to visit and experience Garden Spot Village for yourself. If you’ve never been here you should come, and if you have visited before - come by more often! We have plenty of fun activities and events every week listed on our website that are open to the public. Our restaurant: The Harvest Table is open to the public plus we’ll be opening Refresh, a trendy coffee bar/café complete with free wi-fi in mid-November. Stop by. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Chief Marketing Officer