October 7, 2015 // 8:25 AM

Phone Call

Written by Scott Miller

The phone call I've been waiting for came in today!!

Upon joining the "retirement" industry ten years ago after working in the computer industry for twenty-plus years, I found things very confusing.  There was Active Adult, CCRC, 55+, Fee-for-Service, Lifecare, amenities, IL, AL, PC, SNF, entrance fees, monthly fees, maintenance fees and a bunch of other buzzwords. Then there were concepts like "amortization" and "escrow accounts".  It took some time to sort it all out.  Unfortunately, sales people tend to throw around buzzwords to appear "informed" and people are often reluctant to ask for explanations.

I've discovered that simplicity and transparency with a genuine desire to help people gain understanding is tremendously appreciated by those thinking about retirement. I've been saying for quite some time that people do themselves a favor when they start to think about retirement in their early to mid 50's so they can plan effectively for the years ahead. At least understand the options.

A guy called me today, I'll call him Ralph, who started out by saying he's 58, to which I said, "so am I." He helped his mother research retirement living a number of years ago. At that time, they stopped by Garden Spot Village and both got on our mailing list. He's been receiving Destination Magazine ever since. When we began to feature Sycamore Springs he requested to be included on our e-mail updates. I sent out an update today and that's what prompted his call.

Here's the thing that excited me: having read our magazine and our e-mails he was comfortable calling me to see if he could just pick my brain. He sort of apologized because he has no definite plans at this point and he doesn't want to buy anything he just wants to understand the options. I said, "Thank you for calling me! You are precisely the type of person that I want to talk to!" I offered to spend some time on the phone with him but said he was more than welcome to visit me and I'd be happy to answer all his questions."  We made an appointment for a Saturday morning because he works all week. I think he was a little stunned.

This may sound crazy, but I'm more concerned about simply helping people understand the retirement landscape than whether or not they choose Garden Spot Village. People never get "high" pressure here. We think you can make your own decisions. If we can help you in the process we're happy.


Chief Marketing Officer