April 18, 2016 // 2:33 PM

Surprise Gift from Australia Stitched Into Beautiful Piece by GSV Quilters

Written by Steve Lindsey


In June of 2014, a team of leaders from UnitingCare Ageing in Australia came to Garden Spot Village to learn about some of the different service innovations that were occurring here. As it turns out, they happened to visit on the same week that we were holding Grands & Kids Camp. While touring the campus during their visit, they noticed that there was a group of GSV residents and their grandchildren working on a quilting project in the Chapel. This captured the attention of several of the women from Australia who were quilters themselves, and they went in to observe and interact with the intergenerational quilters. 

Two months later a package arrived from Australia. Our friends from UnitingCare Ageing had sent a selection of Aboriginal fabrics, asking that they be forwarded on the GSV quilters. Each selection of fabric was not only brightly colored but also carried special cultural meaning. The quilters began to work on designing a piece of textile art that would best honor the gift that had been given to us. The design that was developed combined the best of traditional quilting from the United States with the beauty and meaning of Aboriginal art. Blending these elements into one piece represents one aspect of the unique culture of Garden Spot Village: we are a community where very different traditions and cultures can come together in a way that doesn’t detract from any one piece but creates something different and beautiful.

Special thanks to the quilters from UnitingCare and Garden Spot Village who collaborated from opposite sides of the earth to create this beautiful statement on friendship, culture and acceptance (and to the Grandkids who inspired them)!

Chief Executive Officer