July 13, 2016 // 3:05 PM

Sycamore Springs Ground Breaking

Written by Trish Lauer


The metal from brand-new shovels glistened in the sunlight. Guests stood under canopies and parasols to try to keep cool. The heat was unmistakable, and so was the excitement – Sycamore Springs was officially about to break ground.

“A sycamore is a sign of gifts given to us. Sycamore Springs is another of God’s special gifts.” – Chaplain Chet Yoder

On a sunny July afternoon, people gathered for the symbolic beginning of a new phase for Garden Spot Communities. Though work has already begun on the site where Sycamore Springs will be, the ceremonial start to the latest neighborhood was significant in more than one way. For future Sycamore Springs residents, the importance of the event was clear. For Garden Spot Village residents, the day was about the start of budding friendships with new faces. For Garden Spot Communities, the ceremony was about the growth of the overarching neighborhood the new mantle represented.

“Culture is the most important thing. Culture creates a sense of home and community.” – Steve Lindsey, CEO

A meaningful aspect to the concept of Sycamore Springs is harmony with the rest of Garden Spot Communities, particularly Garden Spot Village. The close proximity allows for those who live at each place to get to know one another and expand social circles to an even larger size. Like GSV, Sycamore Springs puts an emphasis on relationships. It’s commonplace for friends to move to Garden Spot Village together, keeping long standing ties while looking forward to creating new ones. When the idea for Sycamore Springs came about, the goal was to create a neighborhood where “the design itself inspires community.” One of the ways to reach that goal was to look back at what worked for Garden Spot Village and work to apply it to Sycamore Springs.

“We’re officially off and going!” – Scott Miller, CMO

Future residents of Sycamore Springs lined up, hard hats atop their heads, ready to break ground. Those with shovels in their hands, with enthusiasm from the crowd, took some soil from the ground and turned it over. The Sycamore Springs ground breaking – and a new phase for Garden Spot Communities –was now official.

Sycamore Springs wouldn’t be a reality, nor the ground breaking complete, without multiple partners. Garden Spot Communities is happy to thank the following companies for their part in bringing Sycamore Springs to life:
SFCS Architects
RGS Landscaping and Civil Engineers
CCS General Contractors
Burkholder Excavating
Lapp Electric


Watch the Cable 11 coverage of this event: