July 14, 2015 // 11:22 AM

US Women’s Open

Written by Scott Miller

US Womens Open 2015

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go to the USGA Women’s Open at the Lancaster Country Club with Steve Lindsey, the Garden Spot Village CEO. Thank you to Warfel Construction, who gave us passes to the club house. We had a great time spectating from the 18th green and walking around the course watching the golfers. The Country Club, the organization, the professionalism, and the courtesy were all simply outstanding. It was a fantastic event!

A record setting 135,000 spectators showed up for the 2015 Women’s Open. That’s a lot of people! Over the last several years Lancaster City, Lancaster County, and our small towns have been getting worldwide recognition in the media as one of the most vibrant and exciting destinations, and this attendance record speaks to that vibrancy. Lancaster is a very cool place to both visit and live and I think it has a lot to do with how grounded the local culture is, the combination of the rural farming atmosphere and a healthy vision for the future, and the kindness of the people. There’s an interesting mix of urban sophistication and down to earth country living - it’s everything you’d expect and a lot that you don’t. It’s pretty awesome. After years and years of living in New York and suburban Philadelphia, I love living in this area and look forward to retiring here someday.

I’ve been reflecting on the last several days and my thoughts, as they typically do, turned to Garden Spot Village’s involvement. It takes a community to pull together an event like the Women’s Open, and we’re part of that community. On a wide scale, we were one of many community organizations that supported the event through volunteerism and participation. On the ground we had staff members and residents involved with the event, and we were posting updates and celebrating unique moments on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Community involvement is a Garden Spot Village Cornerstone.

On a broader scale it speaks to our brand of “opportunity” and “living with purpose”. There were both staff and resident volunteers involved; some were in hospitality tents and others out on the golf course. I think the best story involves E.J. Rittersbach, a resident at Garden Spot Village. E.J. is an avid golfer and passionate volunteer, so the Women’s Open was a natural attraction for her. Weeks ago, during volunteer training, she told me she was going to be a Marshal – one of the people who hold up the flags to quiet the spectators when the golfers are ready to hit the ball. I just got off the phone with her and she was very excited; she had an amazing experience and said she’d do it all over again! She marshalled the 9th hole (sometimes doing double shifts!) on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and was back again on Sunday as a spectator with a group of other women from Garden Spot Village. Her involvement and support at the Women’s Open is indicative of the spirit at Garden Spot Village; people simply love to be involved in the things they love to do!

While talking to her, it was obvious the experience supercharged her zeal for golf. More importantly, she said she was so impressed with the young women that she plans to follow women’s golf more closely in the future. The experience deepened her interest and broadened her horizons. In my book that’s a long, straight Tee Shot at living with purpose.

Look below for more photos from the US Women's Open.


Live with Opportunity at Garden Spot Village!

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