January 6, 2014 // 9:39 AM

Waking Up With the Men’s Breakfast Club

Written by Scott Miller

A warm greeting at the door… Insight into Scripture… A country breakfast and great conversation….

Could there possibly be a better way to start the day?

Oh, did we mention that it all kicks off with a rendition of Oh, What a Beautiful Morning…?

On the third Thursday of every month, that’s a typical morning for 35 to 40 men from Garden Spot Village, who meet at nearby Yoder’s Restaurant & Buffet for an informal men’s breakfast club.

Start with a Song

Paul Winter started the group when he moved to Garden Spot Village 12 or so years ago. As a member of the ELANCO Ministerium, he had plenty of connections for speakers for the devotional. Last year, he asked for someone to take over, and Harry Black stepped up to the plate.

“Harry always sings Oh, What a Beautiful Morning. That’s a good means of getting a positive tone set for the meeting. Then he’s got everybody’s attention,” says Mike Cormany, who joins Black in greeting people at the door and arranging for and introducing the speakers. He has participated with the group since he moved to Garden Spot Village in 2003.

The group has heard speakers from Petra Christian Fellowship, Weaverland Mennonite Church, Westminster Presbyterian and many others.

“They may talk about the psalms, the sermon on the mount…. They have complete latitude on what they want to do,” Cormany says. Breakfast is served after the speakers finish, and the men have an opportunity to talk.

Seated at tables of eight, “They discuss whatever is important to them. It could be family, their health, something they’ve done in the week,” says Cormany. “Some might be talking about the woodshop and some might be talking about the state of the world.”

Coffee and Connection

Cormany suggests that the group is a great way for men in the Village to get to know one another. Like the general population of Garden Spot Village, the group represents a cross-section of faiths and provides an opportunity to get to know them and their church.

“If the men are meeting at breakfast and other places, they get a camaraderie that works its way into other things,” he says. “It’s a good group of men.”

For some who aren’t associated with a church, the breakfast provides an informal setting to hear the gospel and perhaps get a taste for more. And for anyone, it’s a way to start the day over easy!

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