May 10, 2013 // 4:01 PM

Welcome to the Garden Spot Village Blog

Written by Scott Miller

Welcome to the Garden Spot Village blog!  If you review Garden Spot Village you’ll discover it’s a different kind of retirement community. The people who live here are full of vitality and they live with opportunity. They continue to work: some full-time - others part-time, they start new businesses, go on mission trips around the world, build houses (yeah, really hammer nails not just donate $$) for people who have lost their homes in natural disasters, they volunteer extensively not only on campus but in the surrounding community. They are making a difference locally and globally. We have a hot air balloon, host a cycling event in cooperation with the Lancaster Farmland Trust and sponsor a marathon. Yup, a full 26.2 mile USATF certified Boston qualifier and a 13.1 certified half. The energy around here is dynamic and contagious.

So . . .  as we considered a blog we thought it has to be equally unique and compelling. To be honest, we’re not shy about the fact that we want you to move here, provided of course you think the Garden Spot Village Lifestyle is for you. You should review us and other communities thoroughly, then decide for yourself.  If you decide you like what you find we’d love for you to move sooner rather than later.  I reviewed an application today by a couple in their mid-50s. They plan to move in the day one of them turns 62. You have to age qualify, in other words a single person must be at least 62 and for a couple one person must be 62 and the spouse can be as young as 55. The primary reason people move to retirement communities is for health reasons. They move when they “have” to. People move to Garden Spot Village for the lifestyle, because they “want” to.  They come for the lifestyle and they stay for the friends.


We’ll do our research and provide expert advice but we’ll do it in the context of first hand experiences by interviewing staff and people who live here so you get a real life perspective. You can find secondary expert advice on most any old website. We want to provide you with unique perspectives in a casual, informative, entertaining way.

For example, people find this suggestion very helpful. It’s something we hear regularly from people who live here based upon their investigation of retirement options: check the facts, make sure everything is in order but more importantly as you’re walking around ask yourself the question: “Can I see myself living here?” If the answer is “no way” then it’s probably not for you. If you can see yourself living here it’s probably a pretty good choice.


Visit Garden Spot Village, visit other communities, ask yourself, “Can I see myself living here?” If you can, you’ll do yourself a favor by moving sooner rather than later. Rather than a health driven decision make a lifestyle decision.


Chief Marketing Officer