August 28, 2014 // 1:18 PM

West Chester Fig Launch Celebration!

Written by Scott Miller

This past Monday, Jena Miller from Moxie House was at Garden Spot Village along with Jeremy Hess for a photo shoot for the upcoming issue of Destination which will focus on stewardship. It’s going to be an awesome issue. If you don’t get already get the Destination magazine we’d be happy to send it to you. Just e-mail Kelly with your address and she’ll send it to you. You’ll be glad you asked for a copy.

While we were doing the photoshoot, Jena said to me, “The Lancaster Fig Launch party was awesome, I'm sorry you missed it.”

I was disappointed because Deb Brandt and the Moxie House team host phenomenal launch parties. If you don’t advertise in Fig you should just for the parties! Luckily, I was reminded that the West Chester Launch party was Tuesday evening. I had taken the last week of August off (just because) so my wife and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go and celebrate. If you think driving from Lititz to West Chester for a party is crazy, you might be right - but since our daughter goes to West Chester University, we have the drive down to a science.

The Fig West Chester launch party was held at Mas Mexicali Cantina, a really, really cool Mexican restaurant on East Market Street. (We definitely plan to take our daughter there when we go back to visit!) It was the Fig Art+Culture issue so there were artists – amazing artists. I learned all about the West Chester University 27/7 project, met Rhoda Kahler, the force behind the project, and John Baker who is responsible for the WCU art program. Still - that wasn't it! When Deb Brandt gave her welcome and thank you remarks to the crowd, WCU dancers broke out on the floor!

Here’s a shout out to the entire Moxie House team for another raging success! Since Garden Spot Village in New Holland is only about 35 – 40 minutes from downtown West Chester, I just might make the West Chester Fig Launch parties a regular thing in my calendar. And I’m definitely going to be visiting Mas Mexicali Canitina!


Scott Miller
Live with Possibility
at Garden Spot Village

Chief Marketing Officer