July 28, 2015 // 10:05 AM

When a Rose is More Than a Rose

Written by Scott Miller

My daughter works at Banana Republic and over the weekend she was telling me that she gets many shoppers, especially from Asia, who aren't fluent in English. To communicate what they want they point toward their upper left shoulder, where you typically see logos, and simply say "elephant". She’s figured out that it’s a request for a logoed polo shirt, and commented that the logo is very popular.

Banana Republic Elephant Logo

I was walking Mousse (she’s our chocolate lab) this morning and started to think about that conversation. Since I’m a marketing guy, logos are of particular interest to me – they represent your brand and connect people to your organization, cause or purpose. The elephant is an interesting brand icon; they’re powerful, intelligent, highly sociable, and live a long time. They have a whole host of other characteristics, but those are three that come to mind quickly. Having my interest piqued by this thought process when I got home, I looked up the history of the store and discovered that its founding concept was to repurpose and sell vintage military clothing as safari wear. That made even more sense because elephants and the jungle go together.

The Thousand Year Rose in Germany

The Thousand Year Rose

As you might imagine my next thought went to the GSV brand icon, a full-bloom rose. Originally, we selected the rose to represent that Eastern Lancaster County is known as “the” garden spot due to its rich farmland but it’s also an outstanding representation of the Garden Spot experience and lifestyle which led to the phrase, “Where Life Blooms.” It isn’t unlike elephants and jungles – roses and fertile soil. Roses are vibrant, resilient, flourish together in bushes, and they too live a long time – just google “the thousand year rose,” and you’ll see what I mean.

I visited my daughter’s store last week and found a lot of elephant logos but instead of being on vintage military clothing, they were on very stylish, contemporary clothing. That’s the thing about brands; they evolve over time. Visit Garden Spot Village and you’ll find not only vibrancy, resilience and people flourishing in community, you’ll find youthfulness. There are people living out their dreams, contributing, serving the larger community, cultivating relationships, and enriching the lives of others like a majestic rose in full bloom. Roses planted in rich, fertile soil bloom year-in and year-out and that’s exactly what I see at Garden Spot Village. It doesn’t matter if someone is in their late 50s or has blown by 100, because Garden Spot Village is full of life. It’s an incredibly life enriching lifestyle.

GSV Logo Rose

I've come to view roses in a whole new way. Now I see more than vibrant beauty; I see vibrant life. A rose in full bloom is the perfect brand icon for Garden Spot Village because it truly is a place “Where Life Blooms!”

Chief Marketing Officer