Garden Spot Village Emergency Preparedness Update

October 30, 2012

Garden Spot Village has processes and procedures in place in the event of weather related emergencies as overviewed in the attached document.

Garden Spot Village has well established emergency response systems in place. Staff is trained and prepared at all times, and in this situation, additional precautions are being taken.

As we continue to monitor the potential impact of Hurricane Sandy, we believe we are prepared for any potential impact to the campus. The electrical supply from PPL has been designed to mitigate the impact of localized power failures. In the event of a larger failure of the electric grid, Garden Spot Village is equipped with numerous generators, which are all tested and inspected and determined to be ready for this event. While these generators do not provide full electrical coverage for the entire campus in the event of a power failure, they do provide sufficient electricity to power critical life support systems, our health care areas; provide emergency lighting in the hallways and full power to our dining areas so that food can be prepared and served without interruption. Additionally, staff have the ability to selectively activate other systems, such as elevators, in order to meet the ongoing needs of residents during any outage.

Our social services teams as well as the other staff members are prepared to provide any necessary assistance.

The campus is supplied by public water and sewer and we expect no interruption in those services. However, a supply of additional drinking water is stored on site in the event of any disruption. Due to the elevation of the campus and relative distance from any flood plain, we expect no problems with flooding.

While any significant weather event brings its own unique challenges, we believe that Garden Spot Village provides as safe a location as possible to weather this storm. The entire team at Garden Spot Village is committed to the safety of our residents, visitors and team members… and we continue to be prepared to serve during this weather emergency as we do throughout the year.

Chief Marketing Officer