Live Your Own Story

Bill Hunter enjoys his vegetable plot in Petra Church's Seeds for Hope garden in New Holland. [Read Article]

Your story is unique. It’s unlike any other. You’ve crafted it through a lifetime of distinctive experiences. Your best pages most likely reflect those moments you created with intention:  your educational and career path, starting a life with your spouse, raising a family, celebrating holidays and taking vacations, spending time with family and friends. The experiences that tend to have the greatest long-lasting value and be the most memorable often include others with whom we are in relationship or involve those pursuits we find interesting and meaningful.

Bangladesh micro-business partnership with GSV residents. [Read Article]

Come discover a community of people who are writing the next page of their own story. You’ll see it happening all around you as soon as you drive onto campus. Walk into Village Square and you’ll feel the energy. You’ll experience engagement, because everyone’s personal story is intermingling with the stories of others to create something extraordinarily special. This is a community that values you, your unique contributions, your purpose in life and your own ongoing story.

See how many people are making a differerence in our community as well as around the world through our Game On initiative.