Sycamore Springs South

Sycamore Springs is expanding.

Creating a Space Where People Thrive

“I want to live here” is what people of all ages most frequently say when they first visit the Sycamore Springs neighborhood at Garden Spot Village. The neighborhood’s unique layout, front-porch living and winding walking paths encourage community in a unique way.

The next phases of Sycamore Springs currently on the drawing board will elevate the neighborhood to an entirely new level. As you may expect, placemaking is at the top of the agenda.

Placemaking is a discipline that creates intentional, well designed spaces that draw people in and invite gatherings, conversation and natural community. The homes and spaces are stunning, but what really sets everything apart is the vibrant sense of community and neighborliness.

Envision a Main Street with shops, studios, galleries and eateries with living flats above them. Imagine these buildings surrounded by parks and unique, contemporary apartments and townhouses. Visualize walking out your front door and stepping into a vibrant community bustling with neighbors and guests from nearby communities.

Sycamore Springs South will be a place where people greet you on the street, a place where you can step out your back door into a lively natural setting where birds flit about, flowers bloom, nature thrives and horses graze in the restored streambed winding through the property.

Imagine a blend of contemporary living and vibrant community bordered by nature and all it has to offer, and you will start to get a picture of Sycamore Springs South. The new expansion will be as unique as the first phases.

The first phase of Sycamore Springs emerged after 15 years of thoughtful research and intentional design. The future phases will leverage and transcend that early work, with continuing research on the most appealing examples of modern community development that preserve and enhance the environment.

Sycamore Springs continues to add to the overall appeal of Garden Spot Village with more dwellings, eateries, engaging spaces and contemporary living settings in order to provide greater opportunities to live with purpose in community.