Active Living

Forget any retirement stereotypes you may have – residents at Garden Spot Village are actively living and enjoying every minute of it. Just visit our blog or pick up a copy of our Destinations magazine on your next visit and you’ll see numerous examples of active retirement.

An Active Adult Community

Active Living

For Garden Spot Village residents, retirement doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing. Instead it means an opportunity to invest in hobbies and volunteer efforts they previously might not have had time for.

Actively Volunteering

Many residents volunteer at Garden Spot Village in the library, at the annual Garden Spot Village Marathon, in memory support, and more. Others are involved in the local community in politics, non-profit work, churches, and missions. Still more have reached out globally to impact the lives of those in Africa, Asia and South America through entrepreneurship and outreach.

Residents have the opportunity to pursue their passion for ministry, gardening, woodworking, model trains, quilting, and more. If Garden Spot Village doesn’t have a certain program available – residents take the initiative to start it. They have met needs for a better election process, a men’s breakfast ministry, and a team to build a home in Honduras.

Active Athletics

An active retirement community wouldn’t be complete without strong involvement in athletics. Every year, Garden Spot Village hosts a Marathon that many residents participate in. The aquatics program, Pedal to Preserve bike race, and exercise classes are also popular among residents.

Actively Working

Although many residents of Garden Spot Village are retired from their careers, some have taken the opportunity to start new ones! Some have started non-profits or used their expertise to consult with local businesses. Since Garden Spot Village takes care of many daily chores, residents have a chance to use their free time for work projects and start-ups.