Campfire & Glow Sticks

June 15, 2016
“In order to cook the perfect golden marshmallow, you need to be the marshmallow.” – John Kokotiuk, Garden Spot Village Resident When one hears the words “power shutdown”, it doesn’t typically elicit positive feelings. A bunch of questions spring to mind and preparations begin...
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A Taste of Dining

June 13, 2016
On a sunny June afternoon, a handful of Future Residents gathered in the Village Square and chatted pleasantly. A few moments later, the reason they were all there began: they were all guests for a Garden Spot Village kitchen demonstration. The purpose of the event was to provide a unique...
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“I Remember” with Shirley Wenger

June 6, 2016
When Shirley Wenger signed the agreement to move to Garden Spot Village in February of 1995, it was a change for her. A country girl, Shirley was unaccustomed to a community with the closer type of fellowship that is commonplace at Garden Spot. Now, though, Shirley is firmly embedded in the...
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Meet Gloria Stevens

June 1, 2016
If you go visit the aeroponic greenhouse, there’s a good chance you may meet Gloria Stevens. Gloria, the new greenhouse coordinator, grew up on 26 acres of land that her father would farm in his spare time. Armed with curiosity and a love of nature from her father, and...
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