Summer VBS Kids Program

Life looks different at Garden Spot Village!

Despite the changes that are a result of COVID-19, residents continue to experience opportunities to live with purpose in community.

We look forward to the day when our campus will be fully open again so that we can extend the hospitality that we’re known for to our neighbors and our broader community. Below you’ll find the Garden Variety, which gives you an idea of the opportunities available for the people who live here. Visit this page which provides more information about our opening plans.

The Garden Variety is available online here! The Garden Variety is a monthly publication that typically includes "Resident Only" or "Future Resident" events, but it also serves as a window into our community.


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Update on Public Events at Garden Spot Village for November

08:00am - 5:00pm / Garden Spot Village

Because of recommendations by the CDC and guidance from Governor Wolf regarding public gatherings, we will not be hosting any public events inside through the end of November. We are regularly monitoring updates from the Department of Health and the CDC and are updating the public on the situation in at Garden Spot Village as needed. To read our most recent update, click here.