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Watch a Day With Bob, Rosey and Their Granddaughter
“Our grandkids love to visit. The house and community have a bit of a fantasyland feel to them,” Bob Hess says. Bob and his wife, Rosey, moved to the Sycamore Springs neighborhood at Garden Spot Village in June 2020. The pathways around their neighborhood allow for kid-friendly walks and the stream next to their home is a definite attraction, Rosey says. “The boys love to look for frogs in the creek. And, they are fascinated with our second floor. We keep toys in the spare bedroom upstairs and we have a short hallway where they love to create their own special space by closing all of the adjoining doors.”

— Bob and Rosey Hess
Young girl with her grandfather looking at a model replica of a ship
Young girl giving her grandma a drawing and they are smiling at each other
Grandmother and grandfather sitting on couch with all their grandchildren sitting with them