Dementia Friendly Lancaster

About Us

Dementia Friendly Lancaster County includes devoted community members, organizations, business and faith-based leaders, and those who have been touched by dementia. As a group, we strive to offer support, education, and resources to people living with dementia and their care partners within our local community.

We hope to see a community come together to support those impacted by dementia, help them remain engaged in the community, and thrive in their daily routines.

This goal will be met by offering dementia training and resources to businesses, faith communities, healthcare systems, and community members.

Dementia Friendly Lancaster is Renewing Our Efforts!

We are currently restarting our Memory Cafe and Business and Organization Trainings.

Additionally, we are looking forward to adding new opportunities: Dementia Friends Informational Meetings, Specialized training, cooperative work with the Alzheimer’s Association Greater PA Chapter, and with Lancaster General Holistal / Penn Health Dementia Program.

We look forward to you joining us in these endeavors.

Join Us in the Near Future!

Musical Memories Programs and Care Partner Respite Saturdays.

Respite opportunities for care partners while offering separate meaningful engagement for their loved one with dementia joined with an unique musical program for both to attend.

Memory Cafes.

Monthly informal get-togethers for encouragement and enjoyment in a relaxed setting.

Dementia Friends Informational Session.

Churches, organizations, and businesses can attend to understand the 5 key messages about dementia, how it affects people, and how we can make a difference.

Community Awareness Seminars.

Engagement opportunities to help develop care partners and dementia care support.

Awareness of National Events.

Occasional community engaging events.

Dementia Friendly Business Training

Dementia Friendly Lancaster offers educational opportunities for local businesses and organizations to learn how to best serve those impacted by dementia. Businesses and organizations can participate in training opportunities and earn recognition as a Dementia Friendly businesses. Here is how to get involved:

  • Register your business or organization with Dementia Friendly Lancaster by contacting Steve Klotz, DFL Coordinator.
  • Have 50% or more of your people participate in a one-hour Dementia Friendly Informational Session (in-person or online.)
  • Schedule a customized in-person training tailored to your business or organization with one of our Dementia Champions.
  • Invite your team to become Dementia Friends by choosing specific steps toward that goal.
  • Receive your Dementia Friendly Business logo or Organization certificate.

Connect with Us

The Dementia Friendly Lancaster County steering committee comprises devoted community members, organizations, business and faith-based leaders, and those who have been touched by dementia.

Lancaster County joins Dementia Friendly America (DFA) as a dementia-friendly community to provide resources to business and community leaders and individuals. DFA works to spread and support dementia-friendly communities across the United States, raise public awareness, and reduce stigma through the Dementia Friends USA Initiative.

With the support from DFA, Lancaster County is taking action and becoming dementia-friendly by leveraging tailored resources and tools for community sectors. More than 300 communities across 40 states are in the process of becoming dementia friendly. We are affiliated with Dementia Friends Pennsylvania.

If you’d like more information, please get in touch with Steve Klotz, the Dementia Friendly Coordinator, at [email protected] or 717.368.1679.

Local Affiliations

  • Garden Spot Village
  • CrossNet Ministries
  • Elanco Ministerium
  • First Responders
  • Municipal Leaders
  • New Holland Business Association
  • Healthcare Providers
  • ELANCO Library


A variety of local, statewide and national organizations provide resources about dementia. To find additional resources, click here.

Disclaimer: As an outreach of Garden Spot Village, under their 501c3, Dementia Friendly Lancaster does not claim to offer medical advice or referral services.