Village Greenhouse

The greenhouse, which was five years in the making, offers groundbreaking opportunities for Garden Spot Village. A new state-of the-art system, developed by AERO Development Corporation in Gap, the greenhouse system was fine-tuned by co-owner Sam Stoltzfus to offer optimal growing design. At maximum capacity, the system offers space to grow 18,000 plants in 10-foot growing columns.

The greenhouse also gives Garden Spot Village chefs year-round access to fresh, organic produce. Diners at Garden Spot Village’s four restaurants now enjoy lettuce, kale, tomatoes, strawberries and other fresh vegetables year-round. Farm to table at Garden Spot Village literally takes minutes.

The benefits to the community abound as well. Residents who delight in horticulture, share their skill and experience in the greenhouse. Students from Hinkletown Mennonite School enjoy learning about alternative growing techniques and Lighthouse Vocational Services now offers the greenhouse in their portfolio of job opportunities for their employees.