Community Church at Garden Spot Village

Sunday Service

Following a traditional church service format, the congregation meets on Sundays at 10 am in the Garden Spot Village Chapel, averaging between 185 and 200 attendees.

Weekly Church Services

History of the Community Church

In 2009, residents of the Garden Spot Village community created a multidenominational church with regular leadership by Garden Spot Village chaplains but also significant leadership and participation by Garden Spot Village residents. Plus, they wanted to find ways to formally engage their local community
through attendance and acts of service.

Over the past decade, the Community Church has become a vibrant part of Garden Spot. Members have hosted Vacation Bible School for children in the New Holland community and supported local outreach initiatives. They have warmly welcomed people who live in New Holland and future residents who choose to attend and become part of the church family before moving to Garden Spot.

Drawing from a number of protestant traditions, the church offers a theological statement of core values, core beliefs and adult baptism.

The congregation gives generously to missions and supports members who choose to serve on short-term mission assignments. People who attend can choose to be full members; associate members who also hold membership at another local church; or partners who attend and support the ministry of the church without full membership.