“Garden Spot Village fits us perfectly,” Karen Stambovsky says. She and her husband, David, moved to Garden Spot Village in March 2022. They travel frequently, splitting their time between New Holland, Massachusetts and Florida. Their independent living apartment at Meadow View connects to a memory support suite where Karen’s mom, Kathryn Horst, lives. This unique arrangement allows Karen and David to support Kathryn while they are in New Holland.

— David and Karen Stambovsky

“At Garden Spot, it’s easy to connect with your neighbors,” says Rita Gribbell. “If you meet someone at a class or event, you know your chances are good of meeting them again at the Harvest Table or another Garden Spot event.” Rita and her husband Jim moved to Garden Spot from Havre de Grace, Maryland in March 2021. Jim agrees. He’s found his community in the Garden Spot Village Wood Shop. “All of the members are very nice. And, if I have any questions, all I have to do is ask and somebody will show me how to do what I need to do,” he says.

— Jim and Rita Gribbell

“When we moved into our home at Sycamore Springs in November 2019, our neighbors welcomed us like long lost friends,” Michele Cooper says. She and her husband Jim quickly connected with their next-door neighbors, Adam and Jerrene Zimmerman. Shared interests like traveling and woodworking made them good friends. Together the couples traveled to Canada to ride the Rocky Mountaineer Train and to Asheville, North Carolina to explore the holiday décor at the Biltmore Estate.

— Jim and Michele Cooper

“Our granddaughter, Corinne, loves to visit us. She always comes with a list of things she wants to do, like plant flowers, ride bike, take the neighbor’s dog for a walk and visit the art studio,” says Marge Landis. Marge and her husband Hal moved to Garden Spot Village April 2021. The couple appreciates the opportunities they have to make new memories and write new stories with their children and grandchildren at their home at Garden Spot Village.

— Hal and Marge Landis

“I’ve gotten to know so many people through volunteering at Garden Spot Village,” says Pat Lenhart. Pat moved to the Sycamore Springs neighborhood at Garden Spot Village in June 2017 and quickly met her neighbors through various volunteer opportunities. She has also enjoyed participating in local adventure trips, which have included zip lining at Refreshing Mountain and snow tubing at Roundtop Mountain Resort.

— Pat Lenhart

“When I moved to Sycamore Springs, I saw opportunities everywhere,” says Dale Hostetter. Dale moved to the Garden Spot Village neighborhood in August 2017. He was in a new house, with new neighbors, a new community and new opportunities. He quickly began to explore things he had never done before. He joined the metal shop and began to learn about hit and miss engines. Before he knew it, he was restoring old tractors in his garage with his new friend and neighbor, Ed Blakeslee.

— Dale Hostetter