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Are you looking for a short-term respite stay for a loved one? Or short-term rehab after surgery? A caring community with Memory Support? We can help! Garden Spot Village is currently accepting direct admissions to our healthcare neighborhoods. Our award-winning personal care, memory care and skilled nursing households offer abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community to help you live your best life.

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At Garden Spot Village, you have a variety of healthcare options. You select what is best for you, if and when you might need it.

With a comprehensive list of healthcare services to choose from you’re covered regardless of what life has in store. Choose from DayBreak at Garden Spot Village, At Home, Personal Care, Skilled Nursing and Memory Support. No matter where life takes you, you can count on Garden Spot Village to be with you every step of the way. In addition, WellSpan New Holland Health Center, a leading outpatient clinic and rehabilitation center, is located on our campus.


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Care Options at Garden Spot Village

When it’s time to seek out care for your loved one, consider Adult Day Services the ideal setting to spend the day. We’re here to make your family member or friend feel at home and supported while giving you the security and freedom to go about your daily routine.

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Life Happens. Every day. But our trustworthy and caring team makes certain it happens with you – not to you. Your days are always yours. We’re here to make them easier, with an array of services customized entirely for your wants and needs. It’s really quite simple. Keep life happening!

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Garden Spot’s on-campus nursing clinic offers various services for Garden Spot Village residents and At Home clients from the broader New Holland community. Residents and At Home clients can stop by or make an appointment for blood pressure monitoring, educational one-on-one sessions, medication management, wound care, case management and more.

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Freedom is the ability to do what you want when you want. When the little things of daily routine get in your way, you can regain your freedom by delegation those little things to someone else; that way you can do the things that are meaningful to you.

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Life Happens. But our trustworthy and caring team makes sure it happens in the best way possible. A beautiful secure environment with the freedom to move around and outdoor spaces means you can trust your loved one is safe and well provided for at all times.

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Our innovative model of skilled nursing care puts the person before the task and believes everyone deserves a meaningful life full of purpose regardless of what life has brought their way.

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At the entrance to Garden Spot Village lies the Center for Health. It’s an innovative healthcare offering that’s especially unique and very appealing. The center, leased and operated by the Ephrata Community Hospital, is owned by Garden Spot Village. There you will find a wide variety of doctors, specialists, and labs.

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Healthcare Heroes

Fifteen years ago, Garden Spot Village was one of the first communities in the United States to offer a household model with a person-centered approach to healthcare. Countless healthcare professionals from all across the U.S., Europe and Asia visited to learn more. Garden Spot continues to improve, innovate and transform the lifestyle people experience in healthcare.

Three Elements Make Garden Spot’s Healthcare Unique

Physical Design

The physical layout makes common spaces warm and welcoming; the design creates community in a home-like environment.

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Many healthcare professionals use the term person-centered to mean choices about clothing and food. At Garden Spot, person-centered care means we honor each individual’s choices about when to wake, when to eat, and how to engage in a purposeful community.

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We adjust team member responsibilities to meet the needs of residents and families. In the following pages, you’ll meet some of the people and the innovative positions they helped to co-create to ensure a life-giving experience for you.

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