WellSpan Health Center

Outpatient Services at your Doorstep

The WellSpan Health Center at Garden Spot Village is leased and operated by WellSpan Health Centers. It’s situated at the entrance to the campus which makes it especially convenient for the people who live here. Whether it’s a general practitioner, lab work or medical supplies you’re looking for, you’ll find those and much more at the WellSpan New Holland Health Center.

Serving the New Holland Community

The WellSpan New Holland Health Center serves not only the residents of Garden Spot Village, it serves the general New Holland community as well. It’s a full service outpatient clinic that provides healthcare services to the surrounding area. One of the nice things about it’s location, provided you chose to use the services, is that you can walk to your doctor’s offices.

Moving to Garden Spot Villages From Out of State

About 10% of the people who move to Garden Spot Village come from out of state, places like Florida, Arizona, Washington State, Colorado, Alabama, pretty much all over. Plus about 45% of the people come from suburban Philadelphia. For those looking for a new family doctor and a variety of specialists they can find them right here on campus. It’s tremendously convenient.

Find Out More!

The WellSpan New Holland Health Center is one of the extra special conveniences that helps make the Garden Spot Village lifestyle so unique. The relationship with WellSpan Health Centers has served both organizations very well and provides special benefits for the people of Garden Spot Village. To find our more contact the WellSpan Health Center at Garden Spot Village, call 717.721.4319.

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