January 13, 2016 // 2:30 PM

A Cold Tuesday Morning In January Took A Mouth Warming Twist

Written by Scott Miller

A cold Tuesday morning in January took a mouth-warming twist when  Nichole, a barista at the Refresh Coffee Bar, walked across the Village Square over to the Resident Services Desk balancing three sample size cups of Starbucks. Faint wisps of steam escaped from under whip cream that glistened with golden drizzle floating on chocolate. As she handed them out, each sip was followed by “mmmm”, closed eyes and dreamy exclamations of “wow, that’s amazing!”

“I love to look up drinks I haven’t made before and experiment,” says Nichole, “it’s fun and people love samples. Of course, I need to try it myself to make sure it tastes good,” she adds with a laugh. Today’s experiment was a caramel nut mocha and it was incredible.

Having a coffee bar that serves Starbucks plus breakfast sandwiches, snacks, baked goods and lunchtime favorites like personal pizzas from the open hearth pizza oven isn’t just a hit with the people who live at Garden Spot Village and the staff, but the local community, too. “I have my regulars,” says Nichole, “there are a couple of young mothers with babies who come in every morning to get their coffee and talk. Plus high school kids after school and on the weekends. Then there are the local businesses that send someone on a coffee run. You’d never know this is a “retirement” community. It sure doesn’t feel like one.”

Just another morning at Garden Spot Village: friendly baristas, young mothers with babies, high school kids, local professionals and, of course, plenty of the people who actually live here. It’s an exciting place with an intergenerational landscape and people from all walks of life love it!

Chief Marketing Officer