May 20, 2015 // 10:20 AM

Amazing, Awesome, Totally Alive!

Written by Scott Miller

I was in New York City several times in the past couple weeks. A videography team from a top NYC advertising agency visited us on Monday to scour Garden Spot Village as a possible location for a shoot. I worked in NYC for several years, and every time I go back I am reminded of the vibrancy of the city. I love the city. When I was a 30-something, it was the perfect place. It was fast! It was furious! It was fascinating! But living that lifestyle is stressful. The fast and furious lifestyle is, well, fast and furious. I also spent a fair number of years on the Main Line and that too was a fast paced lifestyle. I'm a late 50-something now, and I still love the city... for a day or two. It makes for a wonderful day-trip, but I'm a Lancaster County boy through and through.

Lancaster County, for me, has the best of all different lifestyles. It's an about an hour and a half to center city Philadelphia, and less than 3 hours to NYC. The Fulton Theater in downtown Lancaster gets amazing reviews, and there are a bunch of phenominal restaurants. The art scene is alive with passion on Gallery Row. Central Market is an awesome farmers market with locally grown and wholesome foods. Lancaster City and places like Lititz are frequently and nationally celebrated as places you have to see! There is just so much to do in Lancaster County you'd be surprised. Like the zip lines, did I mention the zip lines? Kayaking and a host of other outdoor sports are all here! Despite the dichotomy between NYC and Lancaster County, there's plenty to do here. Visit and you'll see what I mean.

covered bridge lancaster pa

I was riding my bike from Lititz to New Holland this morning, and the ride reminded me all the reasons why I love Lancaster County. In addition to everything you can do, it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I rode through 3 covered bridges. There are about 200 covered bridges left in Pennsylvania, and nearly 30 of them exist just in Lancaster County. I passed mile after mile of open fields. I experienced the awe of a bursting green wheat field, gently rustling to the breeze. Tiny shoots of corn were pushing through the soil, and I imagined how they will grow to over 5 feet tall in just a few short weeks. There were flocks of sheep, herds of cows, horses pulling buggies, farm stands next to orchards, church steeples dotting the countryside, small rural businesses, and non-profit headquarters. It felt like I was stepping back in time to a simpler era.

That's the essence of it for me. A simpler, slower, and more authentic lifestyle. You can have fast and furious, you can have culture education, and sports. But you don't have to sacrifice the beauty, the wide open spaces, or the tranquility. You can have that in Lancaster County. There's a tremendous opportunity to serve, contribute, and fashion a legacy. It's a total package. You get to be the architect of your lifestyle. For this 50-something, it's the perfect epicenter from which to craft the years ahead, to enrich the lives of others and experience life to its fullest.

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