November 25, 2013 // 2:12 PM

Between the Pages - Garden Spot Village’s Resident Library Team

Written by Scott Miller

The popularity of E-Readers aside, some folks love nothing more than to bury their nose in the pages of a book. At Garden Spot Village, the 19 members of the Resident Library Team make sure they can do just that - any time of the day or night. 

Located on the the second-floor balcony above the entrance to the Welcome Center, the self-service library is open around the clock. It has nearly 5,100 volumes and almost 70 audio books. 

"Most communities have closet-sized libraries. This is really exceptional. We have close to 300 books taken out each week," says Nancy Wenzel, who served as chairperson for three years. An avid reader, Wenzel majored in English literature at Wilson College. 

Elves That Shelve

Even though borrowers sign out books on the honor system, it takes a team to keep all the pages turning. Grateful recipients of donated books, team members choose which to process for the library and which to hold for the used book sales. 

"I really enjoy reviewing and classifying the books and being part of such a good team that's devoted to meeting the interests of every Garden Spot Village resident," says Nancy Jacobson, a former librarian at the Delware County Christian School, who recently took the reins at the Garden Spot Village library. 

Other team members input the author, title, and classification into the computer. Each day, a different person shelves returned books and checks for overdue books. A book selection committee meets periodically to select new books to purchase, using the money from the team's three used book sales througout the year. Sales are held in the Indoor Garden in June, in the Welcome Center in December to coincide with the annual Train Room Open House, and in the fall at the Fall Festival and Country Auction. 

"All of us have a good time working the book sales," Jacobson says. 

Collaborative Effort

A treasurer handles funds from the book sales. Another group of members takes care of keeping the library attractive and welcoming, setting out flowers and changing the New Book Display. Every other month, the team meets to review business. 

"We are all book lovers. Some have volunteered in other libraries. All are interested in reading and seeing that the library continues," says Jacobson. "The team is dedicated. Because of that, we all enjoy working together. Some members have been faithfully volunteering for a number of years." 

The library has grown quite a bit from its beginnings, when it started with two bookcases and a magazine rack. 

"Bill George was responsible for getting the bookcases made. He and his wife were some of the original library volunteers," says Wenzel. "He also built a nice Book Return, and that has been a big help."

The library draws book lovers and more. Its parlor-like ambience makes it a welcoming place to play games or visit quietly, as well as read. And if a book is what you're looking for, the Resident Library Team has ensured that you'll find a great selection. 

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