January 27, 2016 // 1:37 PM

Blizzard of 2016

Written by Scott Miller

The blizzard hit Garden Spot Village on Saturday, January 23, 2016, and blanketed the campus with almost 32 inches of snow. Vern Mittelstadt emerged from a glorious Saturday afternoon nap in the sunroom of his Carriage Home to discover that it seemed a bit colder than usual. The central heat had shut off. “I called facility services,” Vern said, “and they were already on top of it. They knew the mounting snow was clogging the exhaust vent on the roof of our house. That caused the heating unit to shut off.” The Mittelstadts were not the first to experience the situation. Facility Services told them that someone would deliver portable heaters as soon as possible. They were coordinating with Campus Services who was plowing the streets and driveways to other houses affected by the snow. The snow was too deep even for the 4-wheel drive vehicles, but their house was on the schedule. 

“At 5:30 that afternoon we heard the snow plow out front,” said Sally Mittelstadt, “we could see the 4-wheel drive Facility Services SUV, with its blinking yellow lights, waiting to get to us. They delivered three portable heaters and told us they would be back as early as possible tomorrow to clear the vents.”

“The heaters worked great,” said Vern, “We have one of the larger Carriage Homes and the heaters kept it nice and warm throughout the night. By 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon, the guys were up on our roof shoveling away the snow. That solved the problem. As soon as they cleared the vents, our heat came back on.”

The blizzard that hit Garden Spot Village dumped 31.5 inches of snow and record amounts were recorded across the area. While others were digging out, the people who call Garden Spot Village home were being dug out. The Campus Service crews were on it from the minute the snow began, and stayed on it throughout the storm. There’s a system in place to get to people and houses with immediate needs, like the heat situation, while the diligent snow crews consistently clear the entire campus.

“It’s just amazing,” said Sally, “the way that Facility Services responded. It was actually very comforting to know that other people were experiencing the same thing and that Facility Services knew exactly what to do when we called. They were here all weekend and everyone was such a pleasure to deal with and in a good mood.”

By later in the day Sunday, each street and driveway had been cleared. First thing Monday, Campus Services continued cleaning the snow off the cars in apartment living. “I just stood there and watched them clean off my car,” commented Bob Leedom who lives in a Gardens West Apartment.

Becky Bernek, one of the many team members who willingly spent the weekend at Garden Spot Village, sent this e-mail of thanks on Monday morning, “How awesome of the grounds crew to shovel and clear out our vehicles. That was a huge stress relief.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

People love living and working at Garden Spot Village. Is it any wonder why?

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