August 29, 2013 // 10:48 AM

Five Trends in Retirement Living

Written by Scott Miller

Over the past few years, Retirement Living has evolved.Boomers are on the scene and things are changing.The trend of "retirement communities” has caught on and increased in popularity.  One of the interesting things is that people are moving into “retirement communities” before they actually retire because they offer an incredibly stress-free lifestyle. These communities usually offer a variety of living arrangements from residential housing to on-site healthcare.

1. Encore Careers.

People may leave their life-long careers to enter “retirement,” but it’s often with an eye on the future and a new business, social cause, or ministry. New companies and non-profits are increasingly emerging at the hands of highly experienced, seasoned professionals who have retired from their full-time career. What makes a “retirement” community attractive is the carefree lifestyle. People can focus on what they love to do.

2. Availability of Wellness Programs

. Life-long activity is becoming more and more prevalent."Retirement", which simply means our post-career years, no longer implies a rocking chair lifestyle. At Garden Spot Village, a large number of residents participate in the Garden Spot Marathon and the Pedal to Preserve cycling event every year. Retirement Communities increasingly offer wellness center amenities with swimming pools, fitness classes, and more. You don't have to join a “gym” and/or pay for fitness classes because it’s all part of the package.

3. A Variety of Housing Options

Many people move to these communities directly after retirement. Others do it before they retire.  The houses and apartments are some of the best on the market plus they are expertly maintained at no additional cost. Imagine never having to worry about replacing a hot water heater or mowing the grass, and yet your house is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped lawn.

4. Focus on Doing

Today's post-career lifestyle is more active than ever before and people are looking for a variety of things to do. Retirement communities are offering continuing-education classes, events, lectures, travel and a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

5. Technology, Social media, and Mobile Computing and Computers Have Become Common Place

They've been an integral part of the workplace for the last two decades. You'll find computer cafes, campus wide wireless, and technology classes readily available at retirement communities.

If you are considering moving to a retirement community, it’s a good idea to make a list of the things you are looking for in a housing community. Not all communities are the same or offer similar amenities, some like Garden Spot Village are “Boomer Ready”. How do we know? Because Baby Boomers are living here. If you’re considering moving to Garden Spot Village, why not come visit us at one of our “Look and Learn Luncheons”? Have lunch with current residents and staff and tour the community. If you can imagine yourself living here, we’d love to talk to you more about the opportunities that we offer.

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