December 3, 2015 // 12:36 PM

Garden Spot Village Marathon - From The Email Archives

Written by Scott Miller

Garden Spot Village hosts a marathon each spring. The Race Director writes an e-mail to the registered runners every week starting in January. Just for fun we are posting some of his past e-mail blasts. Here is one from February 2015. Enjoy.

Hello Runners,

I love runners. I love being around you. I love talking to you. I just really like you. Know why? Runners are the most positive and encouraging people around. Think about it. What do we say to each other if we have a bad run? We relate, we empathize and remind each other it happens but the next run will be amazing. What do we say when someone comments they're really slow or most of their runs are more like fast walks? We say, "It doesn't matter how fast you go. What matters is you get out there." What do we say when someone comments, "I can only run 3 miles, tops." We say, "That's 3 miles further than every couch potato." I still remember my first marathon like it was yesterday. My bib number was 33. Complete strangers, people I never saw before or would ever see again would call out . . . "look'n good 33!" Running enthusiasts are simply really great people.

If you registered before my last e-mail two weeks ago, you know I had the flu. It hammered me. It felt like a rip off because the flu stole my runs. I used it as an opportunity to encourage anyone else who was sick or out of commission for a while because I knew that even though I couldn't run I'd get back on my training plan and make up the lost time. In that process, however, I whined a lot about being sick, lamenting the fact that I couldn't go out and run.

Many of you came to my rescue. Just about every time an e-mail goes out it strongly resonates with someone and they'll write back sharing their story and situation which is awesome! However, after that last e-mail an inordinate number of runners wrote back to me telling me I'd be back on the road in no time, that "rest is training" (that one made me smile, a lot, because I had said that exact thing the week before); be careful not to push too hard, too fast and injure myself when I got back on the road; that I'd make up the lost training and be ready and strong at the starting line.

For those who wrote to me - thank you for the encouraging words! For those who didn't - thanks for encouraging thoughts because I know the thought crossed your mind . . . "he'll be fine, he's a runner!"

If you're interested in sticking with a pacer here are the designated times. We have great pacers!

It's 9 weeks 'till race day. Get out there. Train smart. Enjoy every step!

Run On!
Scott Miller, Race Director
Garden Spot Village Marathon & Half Marathon

Chief Marketing Officer