July 18, 2016 // 8:28 AM

Ice Cream Carnival

Written by Trish Lauer


As theme-appropriate carnival music played, Garden Spot Village bustled with life. Residents, their families and friends, and staff were all gathered for one thing: the annual GSV Ice Cream Carnival.

In the Village Square Park, lines of people huddled around tables patiently waiting for the flavors of their choice, expertly scooped by staff volunteers. Classics like chocolate and vanilla ice cream were side by side with fruity frozen yogurt alternatives of strawberry and the less expected peach. Happily, everyone took their dessert – more than welcome in the heat – and milled around, sharing laughs and conversation.

If one wanted to brave the heat for a short bit, some staff members were good sports and made themselves vulnerable to the aim of others by taking part in a dunk tank. More than one team member – and some residents! – took the opportunity to have some good-natured fun and toss some balls to try and soak their fellow co-worker. A hayride also took trips around the campus, much to the delight of some of the younger guests.

Back inside, the Chapel had a bunch of games for all ages, including a ring toss and a kid-sized mini golf course. A face painter set up just outside the indoor Chapel doors was a hit with kids, transforming them into cats, Batman and more. Mid-way through the carnival, a pie eating contest was held. A mix of good-humored team members and eager kids lined up, decked out in plastic capes with their arms behind their backs, ready to be the quickest person to complete their blueberry pie. A valiant effort by all eight contestants – with one young lady’s face ending up completely covered in cream and blueberry filling – ended with a staff member from Mountain View, Emilio, taking first place.

Though the heat was somewhat broken when a strong rainstorm passed through New Holland just after the carnival ended, the spirit of everyone who attended was anything but. Come this time next year, the fun and excitement of the carnival are sure to be the same and anticipated by all who enjoyed the great time had this year.