April 22, 2014 // 11:18 AM

In Review: The 2014 Garden Spot Village Marathon

Written by Scott Miller

(Image via Jeremy Hess Photography)

This past Saturday we hosted the 7th Annual Garden Spot Village Marathon with a record-breaking 1,217 registered runners for the half and full marathon, plus 139 for the Kids Marathon on Friday night!

It was a warm, sunny morning – perfect running weather as the runners left the starting line at 8am.

Volunteers from Garden Spot Village and the local community were there early to greet runners with a smile, help check them in, and keep everything running smoothly.

Fans on Facebook couldn’t say enough about our volunteers, like: “The volunteers are what made GS the best race ever. They have always been fantastic!”

It was a gorgeous morning, and the marathon course through Lancaster County was picturesque as always. 

On her blog, AnythingFor10, Michelle writes, “I loved the scenery of this course! It was just like being back home in Missouri with all the farmland around. There were Amish men, women, and children cheering the runners along the way.” 

(Image via AnythingFor10 & Image via Jeremy Hess Photography)

Even the killer hill near the end of the marathon didn’t stop our runners! And with a record-breaking time of 2:25:33 a newcomer, Bryan Morseman (above) smoked our record by 8 minutes and finished a full 10 minutes ahead of the second-place winner!

At the finish line, finishers received their medals and had access to massages, showers, a heated pool, and spa. Not to mention the delicious post-race food and our favorite Lancaster County ice cream!

On Facebook, Sue commented, You put on the best race ever. Thank you for the nice selection of food and drink a runner could ever ask for. The omelettes were a very nice touch.

Diane says, “This is a topnotch race. The shirts and hats were really nice. The finish line food tent, friendly and helpful volunteers, and well-stocked hydration stations were over the top. I told my husband that I want to run it every year! It was a great day.”

"There were enough runners that I occasionally passed or was passed by somebody, but it was actually nice having the space and freedom to just run, not having to zig-zag in and out of crowds," says Betty from HeadlongRunningBettty.

Why We Run:

You’re running how far? And for fun? We’ve all gotten those questions accompanied with confusion or amazement.

As marathoners, we run for different reasons: to lose weight and get in shape, to stay healthy, because we love that “runner’s high”, to support causes, to beat PRs, and more.


Tony Ochoa (above) ran the Garden Spot Village race for his daughter, Kinslee who suffered a stroke just a few months ago at 6 years old.

Laura from MommyRunFast completed the half-marathon at 24 weeks pregnant! She wasn’t “racing” but she did it because she loves it.

Mother-daughter team, Beth and Marissa Ferris (above) completed the half marathon together. This was Beth’s first half, and she got 2nd in her age group! 

Eugene DeFronze is 78 years old, has completed 579 marathons, including one in every US state as well as Africa, Canada, and Antarctica! Others are on the same mission: to run marathons in every US state or around the world.

Marathon winner, Bryan is preparing to participate in the Olympic Trials this fall. At the same time, his family is dealing with adversity of their unborn son being diagnosed with Spina Bifidia. You can read more about their story and upcoming surgery here.

Couples, families, and friends train together and run together as social activity and to improve that bond of friendship.

It’s an awesome that so many people from different walks of life can come together and bond over a simple thing like running. But as marathoners, we know it’s more than just running. It’s a lifestyle. 

Garden Spot Village Marathon 2015

Join us on April 11th, 2015 for the 8th Annual GSV Marathon! More information will be posted on the website over the next few weeks. Be sure to “like” our Facebook page so you can stay updated over the next year, connect with other runners, and check out more Garden Spot Village Marathon Reviews!

Did you run the GSV Marathon this year? Please take a minute and send us your feedback and write us a review!

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