October 2, 2014 // 11:32 AM

Let’s Talk

Written by Scott Miller

It can be easy to get bogged down by daily tasks and our busy lives, but sometimes when you step back and review your situation you find that it’s actually pretty good. At least that’s what I find at Garden Spot Village. I say it all the time, "Monday’s are okay with me!" Since I’m in marketing and sales I often joke with people, “Thank goodness I get paid to talk!” Like most everyone I love to talk.

I was talking with one of our younger residents this morning, (22% of the people that move to Garden Spot Village are in their 50's or 60's), and he commented how he appreciates the fact that I take time to talk with him. He noted, “I know you’re busy and have things to do, but it’s really nice that you take time to stop and talk.”

His comment made me stop and think. I really do “get paid to talk”.  One of the really cool things about Garden Spot Village is the person centered philosophy we adopted about 10 years ago. It started when we decided to go with a Household Model of skilled nursing. As a point of reference, about 82% of Garden Spot Village residents live in a regular house or apartment, and only about 18% live in one of the health care areas. We started as a residential community and that’s very evident. However, if the circumstances of life demand that someone live in health care the goal was to make it as much like living at home as possible, with all the choices and liberties you would expect. One of the things you expect living at home is that people talk to you. So, if someone is in your house you get to talk and our staff isn't too busy for that.

It was at that time as an organization we decided to make talking and spending time with people just part of the job. In this industry, often employees are directed to keep busy, stay focused, and maintain a certain distance from residents. For that last 10 years it really has been “my job" (though I don’t really think of what I do as a “job”) to talk with people. No one gets in trouble around here for stopping and talking with people because that’s built into the fabric of what we do.

People often say:  there’s something different about Garden Spot Village. It’s hard to describe what that difference is - you pretty much have to experience it. Stop by some time and we’ll talk about it!

Scott Miller
Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer