November 5, 2014 // 4:41 PM


Written by Scott Miller

Garden Spot Village 5k Glow RunMindset is so important! I recently participated in an interview with Lois Dostalik, CEO of E4 Strategic Consulting, who helped Garden Spot Village strategically look ahead and review its future, not to create a strategic plan, but a strategic blue print. Is that awesome or what? That fits with how Garden Spot Village thinks - differently.

In that interview Lois said she thinks the residents of Garden Spot Village would be offended if you call them “seniors”. She’s right. We serve the 50+ market space, so while there are 50, 60, 70-somethings and beyond living at Garden Spot Village, but that is exactly what they are doing – living! People don’t come to Garden Spot Village to retire – they come to live! Heavens, people move in and do things they never dreamed of like . . . a half marathon or a full 26.2!

Just check out the attached photo. The Wellness department arranged an evening run with glow sticks and a bunch of residents, staff, local community members and kids showed up. Reports from Lauren (wellness director) – it was a blast! As someone else said recently, “Garden Spot Village plugs into the local community.”

So what’s my point? Since we think differently to begin with, we think about the Garden Spot Village Marathon, Half Marathon and Kids Marathon differently. Yes, we honor the fastest runners, but we also present the same trophies and cash awards to our fastest 50+ winners as we do our overall winners. Our age group awards celebrate every 5 years to the oldest runner even if they’re 100, because we customize the awards to the winners!

In addition, we support the back of the pack and walkers. Since we serve the 50+ market we want to give everyone a chance to celebrate the victory of conquering 13.1 or 26.2. The course stays open until the last person crosses the finish line and we make sure we have recovery food and drinks.  At seven and a half or eight hours there aren’t a lot of runners meandering around the finish line but we’re there and there’s a small group of people to cheer finishers across the finish line.

For runners who plan to never quit. For runners who don’t think they’re “old” regardless of their age. For runners who might have to walk a good bit of the course (in our mind walking is running if you’re on our course). The Garden Spot Village Marathon, Half Marathon, Kids Marathon is the run for you.

Chief Marketing Officer