June 8, 2015 // 9:36 AM

Pedal to Preserve

Written by Scott Miller

pedal to preserve garden spot village

On Saturday June 6, 2015 Bryan Groff, our Director of HR; Mike Hertzler, one of the personal trainers in our Wellness Department; and yours truly rode the 51 mile route in the Lancaster Farmland Trust Pedal to Preserve biking event. We called ourselves the GSV Riders. If you’re a cyclist, put it on your calendar for next year, it’s an awesome event. It’s generally the first Saturday in June and you ride past the preserved farms in Lancaster County. Between 900 and 1,000 riders show up and several hundred do the 51 mile ride. The interesting thing about it is that it’s hugely a 50 plus crowd that rides 51 miles. I just cracked 58 so I was one of those 50 plusers. Bryan, Mike and I averaged 14 miles per hour and completed the ride in 4.5 hours. We were happy with that, fifty-one miles is a pretty respectable distance.

Friday, the day before the ride, I went zip lining at Refreshing Mountain with two of my daughters. On the way home my daughters and I stopped at a new ice cream shop in Clay and ran into Dick and Barb, two residents of Garden Spot Village. They were some of the early residents when they retired 20 years ago, and they’ve been engaged since the day they moved in. If you look up “how to stay young and healthy” in the dictionary you’ll see their picture. If you look up “senior citizen” you won’t see their picture. Even though society may consider them seniors, they don’t fit the senior citizen stereotype, not in the least, which isn’t uncommon as the people who live at Garden Spot Village are youthful, engaged and involved. Dick and Barb were manning the first water stop as the GSV Riders stopped for a quick refreshment. They were cutting up bananas and pouring water. They were totally engaged; laughing, serving, interacting and supporting both the bikers and the event. They avidly contribute and make a difference in this world in a variety of different ways! Volunteering at Pedal to Preserve is just one of them.

pedal to preserve new holland

Garden Spot Village hosts Pedal to Preserve. It’s Garden Spot Village’s way of being a good neighbor and supporting another local non-profit. Probably more importantly is that a bunch of people from Garden Spot Village personally support the event by contributing as volunteers. They help at the water stops, they help at registration, they help serve food, they help clean up after the event. They help make it happen. Non-profits rely heavily on volunteers and there is a spirit of service and volunteerism at Garden Spot Village.

If you’re someone who values service, who enjoys volunteering, getting involved with others and contributing I’d say two things: (1) that attitude of service will help keep you young regardless of your age because I see that at Garden Spot Village all the time, and (2) you’d fit right in at Garden Spot Village. Whether you choose to move in the day you turn 62 (which happens on a regular basis) or you move in sometime after that, you’ll discover that not only are your neighbors active, involved and have a heart for service but the same is true of the team members as well. Service, volunteerism, contributing to the local community and the world as well as the opportunities that come with them are hallmarks of Garden Spot Village. Whether we “work” here or live here, those qualities keep all of us young!

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