December 3, 2013 // 3:04 PM

Review of “Denouement” Garden Spot Village’s First Theatrical Endeavor

Written by Scott Miller

All of the romance, drama, humor, and accents of British high society like that of the popular show,  “Downton Abbey” have been brought to Garden Spot Village with the play, “Denouement: The Third Act of Mrs. Fanny Otcott”, written by John O’Hara. The one act play, which placed second in a national contest, was performed on stage for the first time in the Garden Spot Village Chapel on November 13, 2013.

The production was made possible by the Lighter Side Players, a group of Garden Spot Village residents interested in acting, comedy, and bringing smiles to the faces of their neighbors. Fran Rapp, Garden Spot Village Resident, and leader of the Lighter Side Players served as the director for the show, as well as starring in one of the lead roles. The cast and crew were made up of entirely Garden Spot Village residents and staff.

The play follows famous British actress, Fanny Otcott , as she tries to create for herself a normal retired life. She volunteers to help with the church’s grand Spring Fete, only to be told by the ladies on the committee that her fame and liberal ideas about grave markers will bring the wrong kind of attention to the church. Her niece, a young stenographer named Jane, returns home to Shepton Manor with stories of the city life, and a handsome new fiancé. The happiness surrounding the engagement is short-lived, when it is revealed that the mother of Jane’s fiancé is the wife of an old fling of Fanny’s  who will do everything in her power to hurt Fanny, like the memories of what her husband did to her have hurt her over many long years. 

After the performance John O’Hara was present for a talk back with the cast and audience. When he opened the floor for questions the first volunteer asked, “When can we expect the next play?” Denouement may be the third act for Mrs. Fanny Otcott, but it seems to be just the beginning for the theatrical endeavors of the residents of Garden Spot Village.

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