August 24, 2015 // 10:01 AM

The Interview (Part 2)

Written by Scott Miller

Last week I shared the story of a woman who had interviewed for a position that is open in the marketing department. She just retired from her life long career as a nurse. She was interested in the position because she has nothing to do and she misses being around people. Her husband, who retired several years ago, keeps himself busy in his woodshop. He’s good. He has something to do. She on the other hand has nothing. When she discovered that other people her age, in their late 50s early 60s), live here, she was very intrigued. When I went on to tell her about life at GSV her interest shifted from working at Garden Spot Village to considering the possibility of moving here. However, then she said, with a touch of sadness in her voice, the words that I hear ever so often, “my husband would never consider moving here, not yet anyway. He is content in his woodshop.”

It breaks my heart when I visit with couples and one sees the possibility of a new and exciting life filled with opportunity and the other will have nothing to do with it. I can just imagine their life at home where one finds contentment of some sort and the other is either bored out of their skull, a slave to their house or simply feels like life has lost all meaning and purpose. The only reason someone might be bored at GSV is because they choose to be bored and uninvolved. There are so many ways to get involved and so many people of all ages to do things with; the possibilities seem endless.

Contrast that to another couple’s story. One of the really huge advantages of Garden Spot Village is that unlike a house in the community at large people here are not locked into their house or their apartment. Imagine if you could decide to move to another house in your town without having to buy it. Would that be cool or what? Sound too good to be true? Not at Garden Spot Village, you can move from an apartment to a house or from one house to another or from a house to an apartment and people do.

Apartment Living at Garden Spot Village

A little over a year ago I was talking to a couple and they had just moved from a house to a beautiful apartment. She wanted to move because of the convenience but he was very attached to their Carriage Home. He especially liked having a garage. He wasn’t interested in moving at all. So I asked him, “if you didn’t want to move why did you?” I loved his answer. He said, “I wasn’t ready to make a move but my wife was. She wanted easier access to the restaurants and the pool. When we lived in the Carriage Home we would have to bundle up in the winter and walk through the cold and snow for dinner (side note: the restaurants and food here are out of this world!). Then we’d have to bundle up and walk home. We were okay with that for years but she was tired of it. In fact, there were times we stayed home for dinner because the weather was bad, she ended up cooking and she hates to cook. I could have held out and she wouldn’t have pressed it. Then I got to thinking, ‘if she felt it was better for her, it would make her life better; was I willing to hold out for my own selfish reasons and deny her that? I’d adapt and she’d be happier.’ Now, I must admit, it’s pretty nice taking a flight of steps down to the woodshop and not having to hike across the campus or drive over every day.”

He was good with where they were for a variety of reasons. However, she wasn’t good with it and a change turned out to work in both their best interests. I wish more couples that came through our office researching Garden Spot Village would think like this guy. He knew he could make the most of it and it would be good for his wife. There are a lot of people who have discovered Garden Spot Village who know their lives would be re-infused with meaning and purpose as members of this community.

For those whose spouses were content with the status quo but decided to move forward on the other’s behalf, I can honestly say I have yet to meet the person who regretted it. Quite the opposite in fact, Garden Spot Village turns out to be more than they ever expected.

Chief Marketing Officer